Vintage Freight Cars 1960-1980


Vintage Freight Cars is a digital compendium of rare color slides not used in MSB's Color Guides, including roads never covered. You'll find Class-One road cars resold, experimentals, demonstrators, and one-of-a kinds. All the large roads are featured including ATSF, B&O, C&O, CB&Q, GN, L&N, MP, N&W, NYC, PRR, SP, SOU, and UP. Smaller roads like A&EC, B&LE, CNJ, FEC, MD&W, MPA, PH&D, TP, VTR are not left out. Special flatcar loads, detail shots, unusual weathering, and unique angles round out the series -- all the work of pioneer rolling stock color photographer Paul C. Winters, whose images have appeared in over 60 MSB Color Guides. A treasure chest of projects for the model railroader and a unique look at the rolling stock for the prototype historian.

Vintage Freight Cars 1960 – 1980 (five volumes)

A complete listing of the more than 2,500 images in these five volumes can be found by clicking here.

Separate volumes may be purchased for $19.99 each or buy all five for the special price of $69.95 (only for the PDF version purchased directly through our site).