Susquehanna - Best of Al Holtz Volumes 1-2 Bundle (eBooks)

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By Al Holtz

Volume 1: 

Proving the Susquehanna had a busy commuter service, author Al Holtz caught every detail of the operation prior to the severe cutbacks of the 1960s. Suzy-Q was operating a modern service at the time, using new silver coaches and RDC's. The year 1961 saw an about face with the new coaches sold off to Saudi Arabia and the RDC's to CNJ. The highlight of the 1960s passenger service became The Butler Day Express while freight service gained three new EMD GP18s.

Volume 2: 

Volume 2 completes the deep dive into passenger service with excellent photography of the west end Maywood-Butler, then leaves the suburbs behind as NYS&W enters the bucolic northwest corner of the state. With four Alco RS1's heading up the daily "Hainesburg" freight, Suzy-Q shared trackage with the Alco FA-powered Lehigh & New England. The author also recorded the final company picnic and the special train on a Sunday in 1955.




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