eBook FAQ

Q: What are Morning Sun eBooks?

A: A new line of titles we’ll be offering, available for:

  • Apple® iPad® and Mac® via the Apple iBooks Store ("Apple Version")
  • PCs running Microsoft® Windows® via Adobe® Digital Editions ("PDF Version" purchase directly from morningsunbooks.com)
  • Tablets and Phones running Android® or iOS® (iPhones require this version) via apps compatible with Adobe's ID system ("PDF Version" purchased directly from morningsunbooks.com)

Q: Of what will the Morning Sun eBook line consist?

A: The eBook line is a great new way for both longtime and new fans to enjoy their favorite railroad photography on their iPad, Mac, iPhone, Android devices, or PC. Morning Sun eBooks will feature several lines of titles, including (but not limited to):

  • eBook Exclusives: new color and black & white photography books for downloading to your device
  • Digital Reprints: copies of classic out-of-print hardcover MSB titles for downloading to your device
  • Photo Focus: a new digital line with more than 500 images and minimal text spotlighting overlooked details of railroading's past

Q: What will they cost and what am I getting for my money?

A: eBook Exclusives are brand new titles that start at $19.99 and feature 250-300 (or more) full-color photographs in HD resolution. A few titles (noted on advertisements) will contain some black-and-white photographs. Details on the other eBook lines are coming soon. Check MorningSunBooks.com and Morning Sun Books on Facebook frequently – new titles will often be added before print advertising.

Digital Reprints are digital copies of hardcover books that are no longer available in print form. They also sell for $19.99 apiece.

Photo Focus eBooks are a new digital line with more than 500 images and minimal text spotlighting overlooked details of railroading's past.

Q: How do I purchase Morning Sun eBooks?


A: That depends. Do you want to view the eBook on an iPad/Mac or PC/Android?

For your Apple iPad/Mac:

    • If you're purchasing a Digital Reprint, please follow the directions below for a device using our PDF version (there is no iBooks version of our Digital Reprints, but you can still view them on Apple devices, by following our PDF version instructions). For the iBooks version of anything besides our Digital Reprints, please do the following -
    • Click the designated link on our website description corresponding with your desired eBook.
    • Or, you can go directly to the iBooks Store and search for the desired title. If you don’t have iBooks® installed, just visit the App Store on your Apple ® iPad ®, and search and download it. If you are using a Mac, click here to download it.

For your PC/Mac using our PDF version:

  • Download Adobe Digital Editions 4.5 here. (Windows Vista users might be better off using Adobe Digital Editions 2.0 or Digital Editions 3.0 if 4.5 causes problems)
  • Create an Adobe ID by clicking here.
  • Add any eBook(s) to your cart on MorningSunBooks.com
  • Add whatever else you'd like to your cart, including hardcover books.
  • Proceed to checkout and payment.
  • After checkout, you will be given the option to access your downloads via a link (this link will also be emailed to you).
  • Follow that link where you will be prompted to download a file named URLlink.acsm. When that file downloads, run it and your eBook will begin to download!
  • Log in with your Adobe ID.
  • When the book is finished downloading, it is then viewable. 

For your Android device or iOS device using our PDF version:

  • Create an Adobe ID by clicking here.
  • Download an eReader app that is compatible with Adobe's Digital Editions system. Adobe has a list here. You'll need one that is also capable of viewing PDF files with high resolution images. We'd recommend Bluefire Reader or DL Reader.
  • Whichever app you download, go into the Settings (how you do so will depend on the app) and authorize your Adobe ID account.
  • Add any eBooks to your cart on MorningSunBooks.com. Proceed to checkout and payment.
  • After checkout, you will be given the option to access your downloads via a link (this link will also be emailed to you).
  • Follow that link where you will be prompted to download a file named URLlink.acsm. When that file downloads, run it and choose to "Open in... " the app that you chose (Bluefire Reader, DL Reader, or some other reader) and your Digital Reprint will begin to download (this will take some time due to the high resolution of the images)! When the Digital Reprint is finished downloading, it should then be viewable. 


Q: How are they best viewed?

A: This is a three-part answer:

  • The iPad version is best viewed in landscape format in the iBooks Store Library. Please ensure that your device’s brightness is set to your preferred level for the best possible viewing experience. To fine-tune your iPad’s brightness levels, go to Settings, then Wallpapers & Brightness, and adjust the sliding scale. 
  • The Mac version is the same as the iPad’s and will be viewed on your monitor in the iBooks Store Library. For instructions on how to adjust your Mac’s brightness settings, visit here.
  • The PDF version is specifically designed to be viewed via Adobe Digital Editions 4.5 and user experience may vary based on the quality of your PC or device's display. For instructions on how to adjust your PC’s brightness settings, visit here. Click the “full-screen” button on the upper-right side of the Digital Edition software to enlarge the format. 


Q: The app I installed keeps crashing or otherwise not working when I try to download a Digital Reprint

A: Some devices (particularly older ones) will have issues with getting a large PDF directly from the Internet. It may be necessary to load the file onto your computer first (via the same link and using Adobe Digital Editions) and then copying the file from your computer to your device (example instructions for Bluefire are here, but the instructions will differ depending on your device and app). As long as you use the same Adobe ID on both devices (and have not exceeded Adobe's device limit), you will be able to share your file between the two devices.


Q: I'm getting an error from Adobe Digital Editions - what should I do?

A: You can search for a solution on Adobe's Digital Editions forums or for any technical assistance with Adobe Digital Editions, visit here.

For instance, depending on the error (particularly a "check activation" error), it may help to try de-authorizing and re-authorizing by opening Digital Editions, going to "Help" / "Erase Authorization", then closing and reopening Digital Editions. This potential solution and others can be found on Adobe's forums.


Q: Will Morning Sun Books still publish print books?

A: Absolutely! Nothing at all will change with our monthly release schedule.

Q: Will Morning Sun eBooks be available as print books?

A: Currently, titles published as Morning Sun eBooks are exclusively digital and will not be published as hardcover books. MSB eBooks is a supplementary line of titles – they are not taking the place of our hardcover books.

Q: Will I always have my eBook purchase if I switch iPads or accidentally delete it?

A: This is a two-part answer:

  • For Apple iBooks users: Yes, everything is stored in Apple’s iCloud®. As long as you have an Apple account, you have your Morning Sun eBook. And if you delete your account, as long as the eBook is downloaded to your iPad’s Bookshelf at that time, it’s yours forever. 
  • For PC/Android users: Currently, the eBooks are on Edition Guard's servers and they will provide re-downloads to people if their Adobe ID matches one that bought the book initially. Adobe limits the number of devices you can have authorized for one account, so if you switch often and you need to change the devices your books are authorized on, you will have to contact Adobe customer support to do so. Morning Sun Books doesn't have access to your Adobe account to make any changes. You can also transfer the PDF from one computer or device to another, and it will work if you're using the same Adobe ID and are within the device limit. If you bought your eBooks in 2014 or the first half of 2015, before we began selling multi-device copies, it's possible that your copy won't work on additional devices - contact sales@morningsunbooks.com for details.

Q: Is there going to be a set release schedule for eBooks?

A: There are no plans at this time for a set eBooks schedule.


Q: I downloaded an updated copy of my eBook and it looks different - what happened?

A: Sometimes technology and format changes have to be made to an existing eBook and the older version is overwritten on our host servers. In most cases, you can just choose to not download the newer version when presented with the chance. But, if any of these changes present a tech problem for you at some point, please let us know and we will try to help you download an older version of your eBook.


Q: If I'm experiencing difficulty downloading/viewing my eBook purchase, whom should I contact?

A: Email sales@morningsunbooks.com if you cannot resolve your issue via the FAQ. Please note we are not able to offer assistance over the phone.


We reserve the right to modify our policies and procedures at any time, including the availability and/or methodology of re-downloads. Please backup your files regularly.

We do not offer content-related refunds.


*Please make sure your PC's operating system and browser are all up to date before downloading the PC version of an eBook. Many problems can be fixed by using up to date software.

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