Observation Car Color Portfolio Volumes 1-5 Bundle (eBooks)

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By Robert J. Yanosey 

Volume 1: 

Reporting marks in this volume: A&WP, AA, AC, AFT, AMT, ARR, AT&SF, B&LE, B&M, B&O, BAR, BCH, BCR, BN, C&EI, C&IM, C&NW, C&O, CAGY, CB&Q and others!

Volume 2: 

Reporting marks in this volume: CG, CGW, CHP, CN, CNJ, CP, CR, CRR, CS, CSX, D&H, DL&W, D&M, D&RGW, DM&IR, DO, DT&I, EBT, EJ&E, EL, ERIE, FCP, FdeC, FDS, FEC, and others!

Volume 3: 

Reporting marks in this volume: FW&D, G&F, GM&O, GTP, GTS, GTW, HICO, IC, ICG, IRC, KCS, L&N, LIRR, LV, MILW, MON, MP, MRL, MTA, and others!

Volume 4: 

Reporting marks in this volume: N&W, NA, NdeM, NH, NJDOT, NKP, NP, NRHS, NYC, NYO&W, NYSW, ON, P&WV, PC, PGE, PHD, P&N, PRR, QNS&L, RDG, RF&P, RI, and others!

Volume 5: 

Reporting marks in this volume: SAL, SCL, Sierra, SLSF, SOU, SP, SP&S, SSW, T&P, TSE, UCRS, UP, USA, USN, VIA, WAB, WM, WP, YW, and others!



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