Vintage Freight Cars 1980-2000 by Emery Gulash, Volumes 6-11 Bundle (eBooks)

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Vintage Freight Cars Volumes 6-11 is a compendium of color slides not used in MSB's Color Guides, including roads never covered. You'll find Class-One road cars resold, experimentals, demonstrators, and one-of-a kinds. All the large roads are featured including ATSF, BN, BNSF, B&O, C&O, CSXT, L&N, MP, N&W, NS,, SP, SBD, SCL, and UP. Smaller roads created from the mega-mergers are not left out. Special flatcar loads, detail shots, unusual weathering, and unique angles round out the series -- all the work of master color photographer Emery Gulash, whose images have appeared in over 60 MSB Color Guides. A treasure chest of projects for the model railroader and a unique look at the rolling stock for the prototype historian.

Volume 6 covers the roads whose reporting marks begin with those letters: ACFX, ADMX, AN, APA, ATSF, BAR, BCOL, B&M, BN, BNSF, B&O, BSCX, CEFX, C&O and many other roads.

Volume 7 covers the roads whose reporting marks begin with those letters: CN, CNIS, C&NW, CP, CR, CRYX, CSXT, and many other roads.

Volume 8 covers the roads whose reporting marks begin with those letters: CSXT, CV, CYDX, D&RGW, DEEX, DT&I, DUPX, EAGX, FTTX, GATX, and many other roads.

Volume 9 covers the roads whose reporting marks begin with those letters: GSPX, GRPX, GTW, GVSR, HMJX, HS, IC, KCLX, KCS, L&N, MELX, MILW, MP, MRL, MS, NCLX, NS, and many more roads. 

Volume 10 covers the roads whose reporting marks begin with those letters: NS, N&W, NYC, P&LE, PLCX, PROX, RBOX, RJCW, RTMX, SBD, SCL, SOO, and many more roads.

Volume 11 covers the roads whose reporting marks begin with those letters: SOU, SP, SSW, TPIX, TTX, UFIX, UP, UPFE, UTLX, WC, and many other roads. 

A complete listing of the more than 3,000 images in these six volumes can be found by clicking here.

Bundle Contains Items # F007, F008, F009, F010, F011, F012

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