Freight Car Color Portfolio, Book #6: NS-YKR, The Work of Emery Gulash (Softcover)

$ 39.95

By Robert J. Yanosey

The final installment in this series chronicling the revenue equipment of dozens of companies 1980 - 2000. Features NS, N&W, NYC(CR), ONT, OTTX, P&LE, PC, PHD, PLCX, PROX, PTLX, RBOX, RGCX, SBD, SCL, SOO, SOU, SP, SPSX, TTLX, TPIX, UCEX, WC, WSTX, WW, YKR and more!


Item #6875

96 Pages, All Color, $39.95

Available August 1, 2019

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