Freight Car Color Portfolio Book #2: GNW-PC, The Work of Paul C. Winters 1960-1980 (Softcover)

$ 39.95

By Robert J. Yanosey 

Vintage Freight Cars is a digital compendium of rare color slides not used in MSB's Color Guides, including roads never covered. You'll find Class-One road cars resold, experimentals, demonstrators, and one-of-a kinds. Special flatcar loads, detail shots, unusual weathering, and unique angles round out the series -- all the work of pioneer rolling stock color photographer Paul C. Winters, whose images have appeared in over 60 MSB Color Guides. A treasure chest of projects for the model railroader and a unique look at the rolling stock for the prototype historian.

Item #5976

96 Pages, All Color, $39.95

Available October 1, 2017

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