Kentucky & Tennessee Short Lines In Color

$ 69.95

Gary R. Carlson

Documents “traditional”’ railroads fewer than 100 miles in length serving KY & TN, focusing not only on little-known steam-powered small lines that operated until the 1950s or 1960s, but also other roads surviving into the diesel era. Declining local economies and increased costs led to the 1980s demise of many of these local conventional shortlines. Featuring Artemus-Jellico, Brimstone, Cadiz, Carrollton, Chattanooga Traction, Corinth & Counce, East TN & Western, North Carolina, Emory River, Flemingsburg & Northern, Frankfort & Cincinnati, Glasgow, KY & IN Terminal, KY & TN, Memphis Union Station, Morehead & North Fork, Oneida & Western, Smoky Mountains, TN, AL & GA, and Tennessee!

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128 Pages, All Color, $69.95

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